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dragonballyaoi's Journal

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Dragon Ball Yaoi
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A community for fans of yaoi within Dragon Ball.
dragonball yaoi
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rules & guidelines
This community is for any fans of any and all yaoi (male/male) relationships from the manga and anime Dragon Ball Z / GT.

Flaming is not allowed. You will be given one warning and if you cause trouble again you will be banned.

Any form of media is welcome—fanfiction, fanart, poetry, links to websites, doujinshi scans, roleplaying, etc.

All pairings are welcomed; any mocking or complaining will be met with stern disapproval.

Do not post sexually explicit material featuring an underage character. It is against the TOS and as such I cannot allow it to be posted here.

Use an <lj-cut> for more than two images or text over 300 words please! Users should be able to see your entire entry without scrolling.

Posting R and NC-17 material is welcomed, but please use an <lj-cut> and mark your post NSFW (not safe for work).
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This community was created and run by otana for 8 years.

Feel free to message me via LiveJournal with questions.
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